Celtic Reinforced

REG SAGARPA A - 0151- 006

Description: Celtic Reinforced is a nutritional supplement that includes in its formulation a package 8 Probiotic and organic essential minerals of high bioavailability to correct deficiencies, and to improve the productive life of the cattle.

The probiotic Celtic Reinforced consists mainly of live yeast Saccharomyces cerevisiae concentrated and with high activity, and this is technologically combined with 8 Organic Minerals: Selenium, Chromium, manganese, copper, iron, cobalt, sulfur and zinc.

Our technological process for the development of Celtic Reinforced ensures maximum concentration and mineral bioavailability, making it the perfect combination of the fermentation phase with the drying phase in a continuous process automated, which allows us to offer the dairy cattle and meat a Probiotico-Mineral supplement that strongly contributes to that is not compromised animal health and production especially in those who are subjected to severe stress for the high demands of modern farming.




Mechanism of action of Celtic Reinforced

The merger of the concentrate of live yeast Saccharomyces cerevisiae with 8 Minerals in organic form, is based on achieving synergy between the different ingredients contained in the product to assist in the activation of their own mechanisms within the animal for the benefit of this, due to their probiotic action puts a favorable scenario within the rumen of conditions to develop beneficial bacteria and, on the other hand gives an organic mineral contribution where under this is achieved by the absorption of these more effectively in comparison with inorganic mineral sources, fulfilling their functions within the bloodstream more effectively.

Rationale for use of Celtic Reinforced

Probiotic fraction:

– Thanks to the concentration and activity of the yeast, improves the ruminal environment and a notable effect on the digestibility of the fiber.

Mineral fraction:

-The Organic Minerals The interference between minerals is zero.

-Allows a better chance to step of amino acids, which are linked with minerals.

The benefits are related to the role of minerals in the animal body: So we can say that Celtic Reinforced improves productivity in animals subjected to stress, prevents the loss or excretion of other minerals, helps to mitigate the negative energy balance in the fresh cow and aid in the prevention of ketosis, improve milk production in beef cattle production and quality improvement of the flesh, acts as an antioxidant and acts by stimulating the immune system.

In view of the foregoing Celtic Reinforced is considered a natural growth promoter, an alternative in favor of safety of food for human consumption and food bio.