Celtic Yeast

SAGARPA A 0151 005

Yeast culture Celtic yeast 25

Acts as a intestinal bacterial flora (PROBIOTIC ACTION) and Modular Bioregulator allowing the animal obtain and maintain optimal health that reflects in better production activity and, once introduced into the animal intestine, produces a direct and indirect actions into the intestinal microbial flora, acting directly against coliforms and several pathogenic enterobacteria. Indirectly, benefits the proliferation of specific lactobacilli presently living in the gastrointestinal tract, though, favoring the presence of indispensable to intestinal macrobiotic microflora balance.

Celtic Yeast 25 probiotic property, lies in its ability to maintain a hale reproductive vitality, even in very low pH values (3 – 3.5) due to its external cell wall that posses a high chitin content.There is evidence that yeast cultures present in Celtic Yeast 25 are able to grow In Vitro in continuous culture, It has also been observed that in its continuous fluid ruminal fermentations a buffering effect in the rumen that regulates abrupt changes in ruminal pH normally occurring after food consumption. 

Mechanism action and effect of yeast cultures

The mechanism that explains results of Celtic Yeast 25 are:

Increases activity in digestive pH to 6.0 to 6. 2.

Increases total quantity of anaerobic bacteria (about 8 times).

Increases 15 times total quantity of bacteria fiber digested.

Increases 7% the acetate production.

Celulosis is inhibited in more than 50% as the pH drops below 6.5 as well as depression and fiber degradation is directly proportional to the time in which pH is kept low.

The increase of acetate and cellulolytic bacteria is due to the speed or grade of digestion substrate based on cellulose in the rumen and is driven by yeast culture in the diet.

Celtic Yeast 25 Benefits

·      It is not pathogenic to animals and humans

·      Toxines free.

·      Promotes higher animal’s growth/production because they consume it 100% naturally.

·      Enhances more efficient nutrient performance

·      It has high stability of rumen environment.

·      It has easy proliferation In vivo and In vitro.

·      Dose consumption is very low: 1 to 3 kg/Ton or 10 to 30 grams head/day in cattle.

·      It is not absorbed in the digestive tract.

·      It does not leave residues in animal tissues.

·      Promotes, essentially, cellulolytic bacterial growth.

·      It has high stability temperature.

·      It does not cause mutation in modular rumen environment.

·      Contributes to antibiotic action with higher resolution preventive and corrective measures.

·      It produces acetic and formic acids with an intolerable concentration for disease-causing organisms.

·      It eliminates essential elements for the permanency of harmful bacteria.

·      It improves feed conversion.

·      Provides natural enzymes not present in the intestinal microflora of animals.

·      It has a low cost compared to antibiotics.

·      produces natural antibiotics.

·      Increases food palatability.

·      Improves feed conversion.

·      Provides natural enzymes lacking on the intestinal microflora of animals.

·      It is inexpensive compared to antibiotics.

·      Produces natural antibiotics. 

Yeast cultures OVERVIEW

  They are fungi with unicellular fermentation capacity, Saccharomyces cerevisiae fungi is oval or round and is produced by gemmation giving rise to daughter cells, which are being separated from the parent.Its size is 12 microns and has the ability to ferment a wide range of sugars such as sucrose, fructose, maltose and glucose. They develop at pH 4.5, when the pH digestive tract is greater than 4.5 the operation of microorganisms is altered, in this case the yeast culture synthesizes enzymes that catalyze Description:Celtic Yeast 25 is a yeast culture (Saccharomyces cerevisiae) is a natural protein high value product that has a good balance of amino acids, high levels of vitamin B complex and very palatable. Is a light brown color granule with characteristic smell and taste, dried a LT (low temperature). acts improving animal zootechnical indexes due to its probiotic action.