Celtic Mox Exp

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Celtic® Mox Dry is special for calf in breeding because it is a 100 % natural source of beneficial microorganisms based of live yeast Saccharomyces cerevisiae genere with oligosaccharides mannans that protect an efficient development of rearing calf digestive system, it is also a source of highly bioavailable selenium to strengthen the immunity of calf from an early age, very palatable and highly soluble.





At the time of preparation of the substitute for milk in the blender or manually, add Celtic Mox Dry in proportion to the prepared liter/calf/day for calf in breeding. Dissolve in warm water; 35oC to 45oC. We recommend that you provide the full dose on the first shot of the day (dose rate of a substitute for milk).

First day: feed colostrums as usually used

During the period of 4 to 7 days, add 5 grs. with fresh feed as usually, once product is accepted give free access to food and try to keep the animals always with clean, fresh water.

During the period of 8 to 60 days, add 5 grs. of daily intake per calf until normal dosage. In case of sick animals, growing delayed and/or medical treatment animals, add 10 grams dosage until recovery. Once animals recover continue with the normal dosage.

Recommendations: Prepare only quantity that will be consumed per animal, and once opened the sack keep it closed away from humid environment.