Celtic Zeta

SAGARPA A 151 003

We work based on a Socially Responsible Way (SRW)

We work in compliance of ISO 9001 ‚Äď 2008 standards which confirms that we are a socially responsible company, capable to offer mycotoxin detoxifying agents through a clean, environmentally friendly, innovative and avant-garde european biotechnology.¬†Celtic¬ģ Zeta is produced in special reactors that ensure ecological process with steady quality so these characteristics guarantee that the results, both in the laboratory and in animals will be excellent.

Come with us, don’t waste more time and money.


Mechanism of action

Celtic¬ģ Zeta has active sites and pores which act as a high adsorption of Fusarium toxins agent thanks to the synergies between organic components and precipitated silica together with glucomannans and enzymes avoiding the systemic effect and hiperestronegism
problems. Our detoxificant is produced through several chemical reactions resulting in a steady and homogeneous quality product versus clays that doesn’t have a homogeneous quality and contain high concentrations of dioxin being very toxic.



Advantages of Celtic¬ģ Zeta in dairy cows

·      Decreases Somatic cells.

·      Increases fat content in the milk.

·      Decreases the costs of medication.

·      Improves the productive parameters.

·      Reduces the number of abortions significantly

·      Increases milk production.

·      Promotes productive parameters.

·      Easy to mix with other ingredients of animal feed.

     Prevents FUSARIUM spp micotoxins like:

·     a) Zearalenone (ZEN) which causes vaginal or rectal prolapse, embryonic resorption, ovaries and testes atrophy, reduction in the splay legs dimension and b) T-2 toxin (T-2) and DON which causes bloody diarrhea, decreases feed intake, increases somatic cells, epithelial necrosis of mucous membranes, intestinal ulcers tract, increase of tryptophan (serotonin precursor) , vomiting and refuse of feed.






  • Store in cool and dry place, protected from humidity and heat
  • Consult your nutritionist for more technical information.
  • Dose: 2.0 to 3.0 Kg. CelticR¬†Kg per ton of feed, prior analysis of mycotoxin content (in ppb)

** This product is not for sale in USA