How do we do it?


Investment in Research and Development and technological applications

We reinvest our profits into research and development in Mexico and we leverage our expertise at the service of the producers of meat and milk our knowledge based on the performance in animal health”. We fund and request the technical support of independent experts, and sponsor students and teachers from Mexican universities for scientific studies and research thesis on biotechnology and animal health. Our goal is to maintain research-oriented technology not only theoretical, but also of practical application to achieve maximum profitability for the producer. “We are pioneers in the development of pre-biotic additives in Mexico, a global trend that marks the future of the livestock sector of animal production”


Certified quality and Proven Effectiveness

We comply with México´s and international quality control standards production, e.g. FDA (Food Drug Administration) and ISO 9001:2008 BSI (British Standards Institution) certification.



Excellence in the service and advice

Our Technical Department is comprised of a full team of professionals that provide an excellent service of sales and customer care.

Our delivery system is highly efficient throughout Mexico, the United States (California), Central and South America. We offer programming services monthly.

We can produce specific feed supplement depending on the producer needs.