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Celtic Zeta

SAGARPA A 151 003
Celtic® Zeta has active sites and pores which act as a high adsorption of Fusarium toxins agent thanks to the synergies between organic components and precipitated silica together with glucomannans and enzymes avoiding the systemic effect and hiperestronegismproblems.

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Celtic Mox Exp

SAGARPA TO 01 51 009
Celtic® Mox Dry is special for calf in breeding because it is a 100 % natural source of beneficial microorganisms based of live yeast Saccharomyces cerevisiae genere with oligosaccharides mannans that protect an efficient development of rearing calf digestive system

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Celtic Yeast

SAGARPA A 0151 005
REG SAGARPA A- 0151- 005. Acts as a intestinal bacterial flora (PROBIOTIC ACTION) and Modular Bioregulator allowing the animal obtain and maintain optimal health that reflects in better production activity and, once introduced into the animal intestine, produces a direct and indirect actions into the intestinal microbial flora...

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Celtic Reinforced

REG SAGARPA A - 0151- 006
Celtic Reinforced is a nutritional supplement that includes in its formulation a package 8 Probiotic and organic essential minerals of high bioavailability to correct deficiencies, and to improve the productive life of the cattle.

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Celtic Holland

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Excellence in the service and advice

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Celtic Holland

Celtic Yeast, The Total Solution

Mechanisms of action of the components of Celtic Yeast

The products that contain yeasts and its components have become very popular for their beneficial effects on the digestion, productivity, and health of ruminants, particularly in cattle.

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Celtic Holland

Celtic Zeta, Presence of Zearalenone

The Presence of zearalenone in the diet of dairy cattle in the Comarca Lagunera region

Zearalenone is a mycotoxin that can be produced by fungi present in many food ingredients, especially in cereals.

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Celtic Holland

Impact of the use of Celtic Zeta


One of the main reasons that the problem of abortion has not been able to be properly checked in many dairy operations in the region is due to the high incidence of mycotoxicosis in the dairy herds.

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Celtic Holland

Celtic® Mox: The value of selenium

Celtic Mox® indispensable in the rearing of calves

Why is important the antioxidant action? Simply because the cell damage causes a deficiency in the functioning of the immune system, a reduction in the growth and productivity of the animals.

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Research & Development

As a part of our commitment, we invest in development and research always scientifically endorsed by the most prestigious universities

Celtic Holland

Celtic® Mox – essential in the upbringing of dairy calves


Rearing of calves in the modern dairy industry presents the farmer producer of milk a series of problems and obstacles that must be solved in the best possible way. Unfortunately, the solution of these problems is not always reached

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Celtic Holland

Influence of the proportion protein/fat of the substitute for milk during lactation

on some zootechnical parameters in the upbringing of Holstein calves replacement, in a suckling dairy herd in northern Mexico.

Influence of the proportion protein/fat of the substitute for milk during lactation, on some zootechnical parameters in the upbringing of Holstein calves replacement, in a suckling dairy herd in northern Mexico.

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Celtic Holland

Dynamics of leptospirosis in domestic animals


Leptospirosis is a zoonotic bacterial disease of worldwide distribution, is endemic in tropical and temperate climates. Affects the majority of the pets and is reported in reptiles, birds, amphibians and arthropods. It is considered an emerging infectious disease in humans, and therefore of great importance in public health.

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Celtic Holland

Bovine Rotavirus


Studies in diarrheal stools of dairy calves with test inmunoabsorbent linked to enzymes for diagnosis of rotavirus show a 48% of positivity to the presence of the BRV in the Comarca Lagunera and 57% in Delicias, Chihuahua.

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Celtic Holland

Cryptosporidium spp protozoa survives in the water


Cryptosporidium is a protozoan parasite that causes intestinal disease and induces acute infections with diarrhea and chronic infections often unnoticed. Often the raw water and drinking, treated with chlorine, presented oocysts of Cryptosporidium spp

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